Hauler 800

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The Cushman® Hauler® 800 is built to transport people, tools and materials around work sites with ease. Equipped with your choice of a powerful 48V AC electric or 13.5 hp gas drivetrain, and practical features such as an 8.4 cubic-foot cargo bed and 800 lbs. total load capacity, there is enough power and payload to carry you through the day. The Hauler 800 is the “go to” vehicle when versatility and efficiency is a priority.


  • Improved Surface Tires*
  • Brake Lights*
  • Taillights*
  • Fuel/Oil Gauge (gas vehicle only)*
  • On-board Charger (electric vehicle only)*
  • Premium Steering Wheel*
  • 2” Rear Receiver Hitch*
  • LED Headlights with High/Low Beam
  • ROPS-Certified Cab
  • Bed Dividers
  • Long-Handled Tool Holder
  • Cargo Mesh Netting
  • Weather Enclosure
  • USB Outlet
  • 12-Volt Outlet
  • Canopy Storage Net
  • Rearview Mirror

*Included in Commercial Package