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From the Minute Miser to the Titan, Cushman industrial vehicles are the perfect choice to move people and material around any factory or warehouse. Reliable, durable and energy-efficient, there's a Cushman vehicle to meet any facility need.


Titan  |  Maximum Strength, 3,000 lb Payload

The leader in heavy-duty industrial burden carriers, the powerful Titan is effective in both factory and distribution center applications.


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Haulster  |  Equipped for Big Loads, 2,400 lb Payload

With a 2400 lb payload capacity, the Haulster is ready to tackle your biggest hauling or towing projects. Featuring power steering and an independent front suspension, it’ll get the work done seamlessly, every time.


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Minute Miser

Minute Miser  |  Quick Mover, 550 lb Payload

This single-passenger mover is designed to help you move tools or materials quickly across your facilities. Use the small cargo deck for hauling equipment, or engage the fold-down seat to add a second passenger.


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Tug  |  Tow Upto 5,000 lbs

This single-passenger mover is ideal for towing materials across your facilities. It features a 21 x 33.5 inch cargo deck and a 36-volt motor to help you keep moving tools or products without downtime or extra trips.


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Stock Chaser  |  Narrow Mover With 1,000 lb Payload

Designed for narrow aisles in warehouses and distribution centers, the Stock Chaser features a 29 x 48 inch cargo deck and a 1000 lb payload capacity. It also doubles as a maintenance support vehicle for transporting tools and repair parts.


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Commander  |  Versatile Multipurpose Vehicle To Handle Variety Of Tasks

Quickly and easily move personnel and materials around any large facility with the Cushman Commander series. Available with either an energy-efficient electric drivetrain or a best-in-class 13 hp Kawasaki engine, and boasting capacities ranging from 800 to 1200 pounds, the versatile Commander series is the perfect go-to vehicle for a wide range of activities at any operation.


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